The Team

Find out what makes our expert team the best at what they do, and the valuable experience they have gained over the years.


We are lucky enough to have Conal as our lead writer and for creative support.

A physics graduate with over 10 years experience of story-telling as a producer and director for the BBC and Channel 4; he has a huge range of interests and is able to turn even the most intricate of messages into a lucid and engaging script.


Nela keeps everything running smoothly and she is full of great ideas. She has the vision and also the practical side that is needed to deliver a really strong message.
Nela brings an extra depth to things that we may not spot straight away; turning ideas from merely good to amazing.


We think Russ must have been born with a pencil in his hand and he hasn’t stopped drawing since. He has an engaging style that immediately stands out and grabs peoples attention.

Combine that with over 20 years experience of Advertising, and Animation and it is easy to see why he is now being chosen by industry leaders like Ofcom and Monster to deliver their message.