Why choose a digital Whiteboard Video for the front page of your website?

Websites like Youtube have changed the world. Video is now beginning to dominate the internet. Whiteboard videos are a fun and imaginative approach to the age old challenge of delivering information, in a fast and effective way.

The cartoon style of these videos makes them a surprisingly clever method for delivering important information to your site visitors. They have been proven to draw people in and hold their attention for the entire length of the video. The simple fact is that people remember whiteboard videos if they are done well. That ‘s where we come in.

Our experience and unique drawing style is being chosen by industry leaders as their chosen method to get their message across. Having an animated video on the front of your website will improve viewer understanding and best of all, it will get you noticed, and get people talking about YOU.


Delving deeper into the history of the whiteboard animation People have been using whiteboards for centuries to give lectures and presentations, so it’s no coincidence that animated explainer videos have adopted this technique for use in the marketing field. In fact it is one of the oldest forms of visual communication. Cave paintings are a perfect example to show how people have used drawing to communicate their ideas long before paper or parchment were invented.With the right script, an explainer video can be an incredibly powerful communications tool. They offer the perfect way of conveying the most complex concepts and ideas. With whiteboard animation the viewer witnesses the creation of the illusion as the story is being drawn in front of their eyes. This process always generates expectations and is part of the magic that keeps the viewer hooked and entertained. The high contrast and overall simplicity of black and white lines is a welcome change from the overwhelming amount of stimulation coming from the web and other media channels which often look unoriginal and template like.

In 2014 OFCOM chose us to create a whiteboard video that would appeal to audiences of all ages. You can see the finished video on our whiteboard videos page


Memorable and easy to understand whiteboard animation 

You will Benefit from over 20 years of Advertising, Illustration and Animation Expertise, combined with Talented Scriptwriters and leading Voice Actors – Whiteboard video.

People are much less likely to turn away from a website if they are presented with an engaging explainer video rather than a page of text.

A Whiteboard video or explainer video will help you engage your audience, improve understanding and get noticed.

Imagine you could deliver the perfect sales pitch every time… Animated video is so important to YOUR Business and Reputation.

Contact Russ to get it right first time.

Whiteboard video
Whiteboard video
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We are a South London based Whiteboard animation company who pride ourselves on creating memorable and easy to understand videos for charities, NGOs, medical and corporate industries.