11 Quick and Amazing ways to use PowToon in your Classroom

by russlaw | June 29, 2015 | General

11 Quick and  Amazing ways to use PowToon in your Classroom Whiteboard Animations

I recently read a study on creativity that blew my mind:

A major factor in creativity is education: not whether you had a “good” or “expensive” or “public” education, but whether you were encouraged to develop your creativity starting at an early age and continuing throughout your school years. – Adobe.Inc

We saw this first-hand, when Edson Tellez, a volunteer teacher in rural Mexico, wrote to us about how PowToon changed the way his students viewed the world, “they’re getting more creative, more receptive, and more dynamic in each class.”

The mind blowing fact is that developing creativity is the number one determining factor in the overall success of your students – even if you teach in the most affluent school, with the most high end gadgets – your students are still only as good as the instructions given to them. They are only as good as the lesson you present and the creativity you encourage.

We are standing at an incredible moment in time, at the intersection between technology and creativity…And this is why we at PowToon, have dedicated ourselves to creating the most exciting, engaging, out-of-this-world templates for school!

We realize that creativity is in danger! Even the most technologically advanced lesson plan, won’t be effective if your students can’t jump in and start creating on their own.

There are many pre-made templates, which are basically compact lesson plans that provide the starting point for creativity. And the beauty behind these templates is that they serve as a platform for imagination. Students can edit characters, images, animations, narrations and they can even add their own music! Or you can start from a blank slate and go completely crazy with creativity (as you’ll see below).

Here are 11 ways that Powtoon can be used to integrate technology in the classroom – including real examples from teachers and students who have created their own animated videos, presentations and movies.

1.Teacher Introduction Template – the coolest way to introduce yourself to a new class!

2. Mission impossible Template – Here’s an example of Mr. Thomas’s Mission Impossible for a Homework assignment

 3. Five Facts – The most popular template for learning a new subject! Here’s a student project on Guatemala.

4. School Rules TemplateMs. Soriano lays down the rules in an unforgettable way!

5. Memorial day Lesson Plan Templates – (8 templates) Customize and send a video and make a soldier or veteran smile! Below is a video submitted by Riverside Intermediate School.

6. Book Report – typing up a book report is lame, becoming a storyteller and movie producer is in! Check out this Funny book report created by Laila!

7. Mini Me Templates – students or educators can upload photos and create cartoon version of themselves! Here’s an example of ‘King of the Jungle’ for Father’s day

8. School Syllabus Template – Ease tensions and peak interest by introducing your course syllabus in animation!

9. Summarize a Topic – One student named Mayank, converted this CEO resume template into a presentation about the immune system, by switching text and images!

10. Commercials  – This totally original PowToon takes you on a tour of a Plant Cell Amusement Park (a very different way to learn botany)!

11. Lesson Overview – Mrs Alicea answers the Question “What is Drama”

There you have it! The best way to encourage and develop creativity in this technological age is with these outrageous pre-made templates and PowToon lesson ideas. I’ve shared 11 Quick and Amazing ways to use PowToon in your classroom right now, but there are an infinite number of ways to use PowToon to spark your students’ creativity!

How have you used technology to spark creativity in the classroom?

 Would love to hear about examples in the comments below!

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