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So why are all these animated explainer videos uk all over the internet and youtube?

It’s no secret that video has carved out a rather massive chunk for itself in the marketing world, to such a large extent that YouTube is now knocking on Google’s door as the next most popular search engine. But many people do not realize that it is not just any old video that will grab and engage their target audience and earn their respect. The short and sweet animated explainer videos UK should be your choice to encourage sharing and re-tweets among the multitude of viewers. So when you only have one to three minutes to make an impact on your visitors, just focus on the basics.

infographic for uk explainer video for ITSMF uk

Develop a rough outline before you start, and consider using a storyboard: You can’t jump head first into the making animated explainer videos uk without knowing the kind of target audiences you want to reach and what you will cover in the video. Figuring out the first part isn’t as hard as you might think as you can simply follow social media to find out who is paying attention to the important conversations that matter to your business. After that, you should monitor what your target audience is talking about online and then try to develop your material around their interests.

Make sure you grab their attention in the first 7 seconds: I’ve said this before in my powtoon videos, but you probably only have 5-7 seconds before you lose more of your audience, so the moment your video starts to play, you must get this right. Recent studies related to viewer behavior have just about proved this beyond all reasonable doubt. After that time, a viewer is very likely to bounce you don’t engage them as they just won’t interested in hanging around any longer. It is essential to get to the point of your video right away. You should actually plan to use the very first segment of your animated explainer videos uk to qualify leads, so you know you’re talking to the right people.

Use your animated explainer videos uk to answer important questions:   Imagine being able to deliver your perfect sales pitch everytime somebody visited your website. Salesmen of previous eras would be green with envy. This kind of video is the perfect opportunity to capture your audience’s attention, and tell them all about your business in a fun and really engaging way. They work well with a splash of humor, and this will also make them more memorable too.

Don’t forget about your call to action: This happens in all types marketing and it incredibly important. You need to tell your prospects what to do after they have finished watching your video.  You might want them to fill out a form, download a whitepaper or contact you directly by phone or email.

Following these rules will really make a difference to your marketing strategy, and will make sure all of your hard work pays off.

Making life easier for Videoscribe users, powtoonists and whiteboard animation companies

I think we all know the foundation to every great animated video is a great script. A strong script will get your message across properly, delivering a clear message to your target audience, but unless you can deliver interesting and relevant visuals then your video can still be a failure; even with a good script.

I was reading through a script the other day, wondering about the best way to visualize some of the key points of the video I was making. Depending on how well you know the subject matter this can be a tough call. It can be a straight forward process, but at other times it can really be challenging, especially when you want your animated video to look original and stand out from the mass of videoscribes, powtoon or whiteboard animations that have recently flooded the internet.


There is an entire skill set related to this, and becoming good at this type of communication takes practice.
I usually brain storm several ideas. Discuss these with my script writer, and my wife (who is an integral part of this process) and then I do some preliminary sketches before I show the client. 

Anyone who wants to create an engaging videoscribe, whiteboard animation or powtoon, will be working from a script, and attempting to represent each part of the script in the most interesting and engaging way.

Outside help

I think it would be really useful if there was a website or app dedicated to this.  You would just enter a line of the script and the clever AI would present a series of images that represent the phrase or idea. You can already do this to a certain extent just by doing a google search, but the AI is not aimed at delivering this kind of information and if often not particularly helpful. This new website or service would also use community feedback on which images or ideas worked best – so it would need a voting system to allow users to give their input on what works best for a given keyword, phrase or sentence. The feedback part of what works and what works and what doesn’t would not happen over night, but I think as it grew it would become a really useful tool.  (This would also be a valuable asset for any A.I. system to have, as being able to understand a range of both simple and complex textual concepts and express them visually is an important life skill.)

Your search would return a series of images relating to your keyword phrase or line of script that would give you useful ideas. The search results could be made up of licenced and licence free images that would give the user constructive ideas about how to illustrate his script, but it could also compliment Sparkol’s Community exchange of images by showing any relevant images and giving you the option to buy anything you needed.

Where do we stand at the moment,

At the moment, no software or website exists that I know of that would give useful ideas.

I am gradually learning the art of storyboarding, but for these shorter videoscribe and whiteboard animations the most successful visuals are often a little more abstract than a storyboard created for traditional animations. Yesterday I went for my usual swim, and by the time I had completed a few laps I had some new ideas about the latest storyboard I am working on. Just taking a break can really help. Find a scrap of paper and a pencil and just start scribbling and doodling on it. The ideas will come, and you will improve each time you do it.

Some of my clients want to take a really active part in this process, and it can get really interesting. In situations like this, just remember to keep it fairly simple, and that you should have the final say, as you are the specialist.

Please let me know in the comments how you create your storyboards for your videoscribe, powtoon or whiteboard animation, and how you work out how you will visualize it.

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11 Quick and Amazing ways to use PowToon in your Classroom

ways to use PowToon in your ClassroomI recently read a study on creativity that blew my mind:

“A major factor in creativity is education: not whether you had a “good” or “expensive” or “public” education, but whether you were encouraged to develop your creativity starting at an early age and continuing throughout your school years.” – Adobe.Inc

We saw this first-hand, when Edson Tellez, a volunteer teacher in rural Mexico, wrote to us about how PowToon changed the way his students viewed the world, “they’re getting more creative, more receptive, and more dynamic in each class.”

The mind blowing fact is that developing creativity is the number one determining factor in the overall success of your students – even if you teach in the most affluent school, with the most high end gadgets – your students are still only as good as the instructions given to them. They are only as good as the lesson you present and the creativity you encourage.

We are standing at an incredible moment in time, at the intersection between technology and creativity…And this is why we at PowToon, have dedicated ourselves to creating the most exciting, engaging, out-of-this-world templates for school!

 We realize that creativity is in danger! Even the most technologically advanced lesson plan, won’t be effective if your students can’t jump in and start creating on their own.

There are many pre-made templates, which are basically compact lesson plans that provide the starting point for creativity. And the beauty behind these templates is that they serve as a platform for imagination. Students can edit characters, images, animations, narrations and they can even add their own music!  Or you can start from a blank slate and go completely crazy with creativity (as you’ll  see below).

Here are 11 ways that  Powtoon can be used to integrate technology in the classroom –  including real examples from teachers and students who have created their own animated videos, presentations and movies.

1.Teacher Introduction Template – the coolest way to introduce yourself to a new class!




2. Mission impossible Template  Here’s an example of Mr. Thomas’s Mission Impossible for a Homework assignment

Education Mission


 3. Five Facts – The most popular template for learning a new subject! Here’s a student project on Guatemala.


4. School Rules TemplateMs. Soriano lays down the rules in an unforgettable way!

School Rules



5. Memorial day Lesson Plan Templates  (8 templates) Customize and send a video and make a soldier or veteran smile! Below is a video submitted by Riverside Intermediate School.

6. Book Report typing up a book report is lame, becoming a storyteller and movie producer is in! Check out this I Funny’ book report created by Laila!

7. Mini Me Templates– students or educators can upload photos and create cartoon version of themselves! Here’s an example of ‘King of the Jungle’ for Father’s day

8. School Syllabus TemplateEase tensions and peak interest by introducing your course syllabus in animation!



9. Summarize a Topic -One student named Mayank, converted this CEO resume template into a presentation about the immune system, by switching text and images!

10. Commercials  This totally original PowToon takes you on a tour of a Plant Cell Amusement Park (a very different way to learn botany)!

11. Lesson Overview – Mrs Alicea answers the Question “What is Drama”

There you have it! The best way to encourage and develop creativity in this technological age is with these outrageous pre-made templates and PowToon lesson ideas. I’ve shared 11 Quick and Amazing ways to use PowToon in your classroom right now, but there are an infinite number of ways to use PowToon to spark your students’ creativity!

How have you used technology to spark creativity in the classroom?

 Would love to hear about examples in the comments below!

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The Benefits of a Whiteboard Video For Your Business

The Benefits of a Whiteboard Video for your Business

With the rise of the social media platform and a fundamental change relating to effective marketing techniques for Millennials, new forms of advertising have been popping up everywhere. The blog, infographic, Facebook page, and instructional video all point to this trend of changing marketing types. With every passing year, new techniques appear, older techniques are perfected, and some die out.

Lets take a moment to consider the benefits of whiteboard videos. A fun and creative way to demonstrate something for the visitor to your website, whiteboard videos provide an excellent opportunity to better instruct visitors.


What Are Whiteboard Videos?

Whiteboard videos are a kind of informal video that acts to explain a system or concept. Informal and fun, these videos are strangely captivating, drawing in people and keeping their attention over the entire length of the video. With significantly higher retention rates then other older video types, the whiteboard video production is relatively simple and numerous whiteboard video examples can be found online demonstrating how the process is done. Simply put, they can give you a perfect way to deliver the perfect pitch every time a person visits your website.

Why Are Whiteboardvideos Beneficial to Get My Brand Message Across?

Along with providing greater retention rates and being an easy way for people to engage with your brand, whiteboard video animation increases memory recall on the topic you choose to talk about. This occurs because people are more engaged with the subject. Not only are people listening to what you say, but they are also trying to connect it to what is being drawn. This use of our brain attempting to make connections dramatically improves our retention abilities and can lead to better memory recall as a result. In addition, the surprise that comes from finally being able to make out and interpret the image is known to create a dopamine release in our body. As a result, the viewer is even more engaged then before.

Where Does That Leave Us?

Having a highly engaging and easy to watch video on the front of your website is the best way to greet your new visitors. Going out of your way with whiteboard video production and animation, your website visitors will be more engaged, better informed, and ready to consider purchasing the products and services sold under your brand.

Utilizing PowToon for the Success And Profit Of Your Business

So what is all this about a powtoon video I keep hearing?

There is a great divide in marketing at the moment between practices and results. With the shift towards social media being an incredible avenue for getting a brand message across in the past decade, more and more companies are fighting for a way to make use of this in advertising. While best practices continue to fall behind the pace of technology, there are a few tried and tested methods for drawing in potential users like never before, enter the powtoon video

powtoon video of wendy with car

Lets take a moment to examine the online service PowToon as well as PowToon videos. In addition to describing exactly what PowToon videos are, we will cover how they can be used to help you business and get your brand message across.

So are these called explainer videos?

Simply put, PowToons are animated videos and presentations designed to captivate, engage, explain, and sell an idea all at the same time. By drawing the watcher in and creating an engaging enough video that keeps them from wanting to leave, you can more effectively get your message across. PowToon videos and presentation have been used by countless businesses to draw attention to their products with great success.

How Can PowToon Videos Help My Business?

PowToon videos can serve a number of functions for your business. The videos are perfect for the front page of your website. This is because they are engaging and provide for your visitors a fun video. While watching, the video will relate the central points of your business as well as the reasons why purchasing from the company is a good idea.

PowToon videos are used by everyone and a range of companies both big and small. In addition, there are many tips and tricks that can be learned over time, reducing the time commitment you have to spend. Popular PowToon examples include the russexplains video series. A PowToon tutorial may be your best way to start utilizing this exciting service, and seeking out past PowToon examples can give you a better idea of what is possible. As always, the more time you spend learning how to construct them the better your overall PowToon presentation will be.

powtoon cartoon style

Where Does That Leave Us?

PowToons is a powerful tool that when used correctly can generate additional business and brand recognition for you. By spending some time looking at PowToon tutorials and examples, you can work to make your presentation truly captivating.

If you want to PIMP your powtoon. then try watching my tips and tricks for powtoon …