Using Videoscribe for Business

Hi, I’m Russ: a cartoonist, illustrator and animator, who used to make a few flash intros and animations for websites. I did this in addition to designing websites, but my heart was really in cartooning, illustrating and animating.

Luckily a few years ago I discovered a fantastic program that we powerful, easy to use and completely changed the way I work.

Jump to 2018 and I run a successful business creating explainer videos in the form of whiteboard animations using a program called videoscribe. The program suited my simple drawing style, and as I was never great with colour the black and white format with colour spots seemed like the perfect fit for my work.

Articles Whiteboard Animation

I think the main thing that sets me apart from my competitors is my unique drawing style, and this is why large companies like OFCOM, Monster Jobs and various charities have chosen my work to represent their company.

So Videoscribe is full of ready to use drawings, but I think it is important to create videos that are as unique as possible and really stand out. That way they deliver the strongest message.

Adobe Illustrator has been my main go to drawing app for years. I use my phone to quickly capture any sketched ideas I have and import them into Adobe Illustrator. The multiple artboard feature is one of the things that made using it so perfect for creating whiteboard animations.

I would create a storyboard using multiple artboards and I output them as a PDF which my clients can preview on just about any device.

These days I have a slightly more complex work process that takes advantage of the full adobe suite, and also a more traditional animation program by toonboom. The toonboom software allows me to create more complex animation sequences which I can then blend into the original videoscribe.

Videoscribe is easy to use and doesn’t require an animation degree to use it, or to get great results. The other good news is that videoscribe has improved steadily over the years and is now easier to use than ever before.

Russlaw whiteboard Animation

Do you have a new product or service? Do you want to share with your clients on the best way to use your new product, or demonstrate the advantages of it?

You need your target audience to know what you are doing and there is nothing better than a whiteboard video for it. This type of format not only has a great organic reach but a high engagement. It’s time to use it; and you can bet that your competition is already doing it!

Whiteboard animations are one of the preferred techniques today to communicate ideas and concepts. Animation has evolved a lot in recent years thanks to the technology, hardware, and software that today make the work of animation professionals much easier. An explainer video can be done in many ways and have many forms, with many styles.

We specialize in conceptualizing, illustrating, designing and creating this explainer videos according to the specific needs of my clients. Each project is different, and for that reason, we always try to adapt so we can offer the maximum in each specific case. We will always look for the best solution and produce the video in the best possible way to deliver your message clearly and effectively.

Click here to see some of our whiteboard animations.

In case you are wondering, here are some reasons your website should have an animated video?

What is the whiteboard animation process?

Our talented writer will ask you a series of questions about your business and create the script from these questions. Once we have the idea and the script, we will send the storyboard as a PDF which you can preview on just about any device, and in due course, you can suggest any necessary changes or adjustments. While this is happening we will send you voice over samples and arrange the professional voice over for your video.

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