Author: russlaw

We think Russ must have been born with a pencil in his hand and he hasn’t stopped drawing since. He has an engaging style that immediately stands out and grabs peoples attention.Combine that with over 20 years experience of Advertising, and Animation and it is easy to see why he is now being chosen by industry leaders like Ofcom and Monster to deliver their message.

Personalised video editing services

As a whiteboard animation company, we do quite a bit of video editing. We use it to tweak and improve our videos and we use video editing techniques to add extra effects extra animation, and even sound effects. Whether your video is an animation or real footage we have the experience to edit and imp

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A fresh look at London through a cartoonists eyes

The Chief Executive Officer of a large property development company was due to make a speech to a conference of international investors. He wanted to do something different; not in the content, but in the delivery. He decided eventually not to speak live, but to use the speech with a whiteboard anim

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Contraception Chatbot for Women in Southeast Asia

At our assignments are usually for medical education and training or sales/promotion purposes.Recently, however, we completed a project that was a little unusual, and at the time didn’t realise the significance of it. We were approached by a Southeast Asia contact to supply a powto

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Medical Whiteboard Animation Tech Update

Technology improves modern life through whiteboard animationIn a world where technology is a part of our daily lives and the influx of information can feel overwhelming at times, it is vital to be able to access current, concise and accurate information. This is paramount when it comes to health

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Beat banner blindess with explainer videos

Studies have shown that only a small number of visitors recalled the last display ad they saw and the company or product it promoted. Most users just don't click on banner ads and they just aren't effective any more. This article aims to explain why this has happened, and how an explainer video can

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