Personalised video editing services

As a whiteboard animation company, we do quite a bit of video editing. We use it to tweak and improve our videos and we use video editing techniques to add extra effects extra animation, and even sound effects.
Whether your video is an animation or real footage we have the experience to edit and improve it.

As we work on many of our videos our clients come to us with new images that need to be integrated as well as new voice retakes that need to be seamlessly integrated. Our strength is in creating seamless, natural looking videos that don’t look like they have been edited. Whatever your needs, we can advise you on the best way to achieve it.

If you are sitting there scratching your head over hours of raw footage, or an animation that just doesn’t ‘work’ then please do give us a call. We can help.
Your success story is our success story, and we are well known for always putting the customer first, and spending the extra time needed to get the job done right. Just take a look at our testimonials page if you don’t believe us.

Our proven expertise in video editing and marketing means you’ll end up with results you can proud of.
We get more and more requests to add subtitles to a video. The way we consume media means that it is becoming more common to watch a video with the sound turned off. Youtube actually has a fantastic subtitle feature which is fairly easy to use, but there is no way to ensure the user has these turned on. If you want to show your video at a conference or in a meeting then you won’t be able to rely on youtube for the subtitles and you’ll need them to be added professionally.

If you are looking for a personalised service then drop us a line and we can make you a video that will resonate with your audience

Making videos, but don’t know why they never get more than a few views?

Recent reports show that videos Increases people’s understanding about your product or service by 74%. When you think about it, that’s an incredibly insightful revelation, and one of the reasons everyone is either making videos or having videos made.

So it’s 2018 and by now you probably has several videos that tell your customers who you are and what you do best. But are these videos getting any hits? If it’s not done right, then your video won’t engage your audience and won’t spread like wild fire around the internet. I’m just about to write something that might surprise you. We’ve all heard of the Viral video phenomenon, but we don’t actually need our videos to go viral to be successful, we just need to tap into some of that raw power and harness it to boost our videos and maximize their potential. By doing this, we set ourselves a much easier goal, while still reaping the benefits.

Did you know, every day 100 million internet users watch an online video

You have to think like the greatest showman

There are so many millions of videos out there that we literally only have a few seconds to capture and maintain the attention of our online passers-by. We need to hit them with something that will keep them wanting more. You might get lucky, but generally, it takes planning and experience to pull this off.

How do we get results?  Good research

Here’s one. The mighty MOZ (reigning King of SEO) did his research and came up with a really interesting infographic about how the “Practical Utility” of an article increases the likelihood that it will appear on The New York Times most-emailed list. We can use this data as part of our research into ‘what gets noticed’.

Get social and Get your video talked about

Social media is the perfect way to get people buzzing about your new video. Social media should, of course, be social. That doesn’t only apply to those who use the sites for fun. Businesses need to be interactive, too. so to get the most out of social media you remember that you do need to encourage interaction. Before you launch your next video, take some time and strategize on the best way to make your followers attentive and ready to spread the word when your video finally goes live. During the lead up to launching your video, post useful content that people want to read, and ask questions about. If it relates to your upcoming video then that is even better. Doing some research on your audience can help you figure out what they might like. Just remember not to Over-Promote

Making sure your video gets seen by enough people can seem daunting at first. It certainly is more than just blind luck, and by considering some of these ideas for your next video or whiteboard animation, you can get the internet buzzing and get noticed.


A fresh look at London through a cartoonists eyes

The Chief Executive Officer of a large property development company was due to make a speech to a conference of international investors. He wanted to do something different; not in the content, but in the delivery. He decided eventually not to speak live, but to use the speech with a whiteboard animated video. He recorded the seven-minute dialogue and it was used as the voiceover for the video which went down well with the audience who were rather relieved to see something a bit different.

We produced the animated whiteboard video showing the company’s previous prestigious major developments and future projects clearly illustrated by this method. The audience, including potential investors, were able to see and hear the history of successful developments brought to life. The future projects were similarly treated with the existing buildings shown as they are now, and then illustrated by concise pictorial images of the envisaged transformation when the development is finished.
This style of animation allowed us to introduce some humorous elements, and play around with some of the iconic characteristics and landmarks of London.

Is this a pointer to the future? Does this signal the end of some very boring and narcissistic ramblings? Think of the possibilities of things to come!
In addition to the video, there could be a hologram of the speaker. He needn’t be there at all. He, or she, could be continuing the holiday on board the super-yacht moored at Nice.
In fact; nobody has to be there. We could have a virtual conference!

You can watch the whole whiteboard video about London property development right here.


medical whiteboard animations – the leaflet for the 21st century

Strokes Explained in an Animated Video

Some years ago three very experienced “junior doctors” realised that there were several medical conditions that were not understood by many patients and members of the public. The term ‘Stroke’ was predominant. They decided to produce an explanatory video and chose whiteboard animation. They raised the initial funding themselves and gave me a call.

The Stroke Video was born

They asked us to produce an animated whiteboard video to explain what a stroke is and the two types. The animation shows how a stroke is caused, and how to recognise the symptoms using the acronym FAST. Emphasis was put on the need for quick action because the result of a stroke can be disabling and even fatal.


The Results from the Stroke Video

The aim was to produce a patient information ‘leaflet’ for the 21st century. Something that could be posted and seen on social media sites. As such it was very successful in achieving it’s objective; so much so that a small independent TV production company in Stornoway saw it and asked if they could use the video on a BBC health education programme for N.Scotland. We didn’t hesitate to agree as it was performing a valuable public service that could save lives.

The reception on youtube has been fantastic and viewers have left comments telling us how it helped them to understand strokes [better], and was a great help in personal situations involving family members.

Since then another eight videos have been made on various subjects from Growth Hormone Deficiency to CPR, with funding coming from the charities involved.

The initiative by three doctors to explain strokes seems to have started a trend using animated whiteboard videos to give medical information to patients and the public.

Could this method be used as a modern teaching tool for student nurses and doctors?

Improving mental wellbeing and understanding the monkey mind using whiteboard animation

How the Monkey Mind whiteboard animations came about

Several Months ago we were contacted by Graham McDowell, a Mindfulness coach, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist. He realized the potential of whiteboard animations as the perfect tool to explain his message and bring his Monkey Mind Online Academy and Welleing Systems for Schools to life with bespoke and original looking training videos and resources.

When his work took him into schools. Graham got a shock as he discovered that the levels he found were often lower than those of individuals who came to him for therapy. Graham knew we could do something to improve this situation and he created Monkey mind to provide schools with simple and effective systems to measure mental wellbeing levels and improve them.
His mental wellbeing educational programme helps schools throughout the UK gain insights on how their staff and pupils are thinking and feeling.

Over the next few months we worked closely with Graham to create a series of 8 minute videos introducing the monkey mind. The series introduces the viewer to the concept of the monkey mind, with an overview of how your brain works. It talks about the stresses and strains of the modern world and how the monkey mind deals with them. Later on in the series we are shown how we can calm the monkey mind and experience greater peace, happiness and success in our lives.
The uncomplicated style of the hand drawn videos in black and white with colour spots allowed viewers to understand complex ideas, quickly and with an impressive retention rate. The whiteboard animations are now helping pupils, teachers and parents nationwide to understand and manage their Monkey Minds!

If you would like to find out more about what Graham is up to, then you can see the wellbeing website here

and watch the wellbeing introduction whiteboard animation here

Medical Whiteboard Animation tech update

Technology improves modern life through whiteboard animation

In a world where technology is a part of our daily lives and the influx of information can feel overwhelming at times, it is vital to be able to access current, concise and accurate information. This is paramount when it comes to healthcare and anyone involved in the medical profession, as well as patients and their families. Clear, precise communication will promote better understanding and quicker resolutions for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals and the patients who seek their help. Medical Whiteboard Animation videos can provide the perfect medium for explaining complicated medical concepts, describing various illnesses and diseases, elaborating different treatments available, or even promoting a healthy lifestyle that will ultimately lead to avoiding life-threatening afflictions.

the renal glomeruli

How can Whiteboard Animation be used by the medical community? What can be accomplished by creating medical whiteboard animations?

It is common knowledge doctors and nurses undergo many years of learning and training, before actually becoming full-fledged medical professionals who get to help patients. Their intimate medical mastery in their respective field involves a plethora of medical terms that might be difficult to come to terms with for most patients, especially when they find themselves the recipients of bad news. Whiteboard Animations can provide a great opportunity for better patient outreach and filling the communication gap. Doctors could have patients watch a simple animation when talking about their affliction, thus enabling patients to emotionally and physically manage the news easier and also make the road ahead clearer.

3 key points of a whiteboard animation

But that is not the only area medical whiteboard animations can help, as the medical field is in constant motion and evolution, with medical breakthroughs and scientific research always modifying the limits of understanding and changing paradigms on a regular basis; whiteboard animations can play a significant role in educating the new generations of medical professionals, as well as informing the ones already serving the general public. The videos can offer a wealth of information in a timely fashion to professionals whose time is a hot commodity. In healthcare, education is important, as with well prepared medical staff, lives are saved daily, hospitals are protected, and employees are given needed skills in order to support and serve patients most efficiently.

 What are the attributes of a useful Medical whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation videos can present the information in a clear manner, detailing concepts by offering concise definitions, illustrated with colourful graphics, highlighting what is important and what needs to be retained, as it will be written, drawn and spoken at the same time. The information presented can be as simple or as complex as required by the ultimate recipients: patients of any age, or medical professionals and supporting staff. The animation can take any form to accommodate the concept or concepts explained, i.e. step-by-step instructions of “how to”, defining the illness/disease, categorization of symptoms, etc.

take a look at our video page to see some of our medical whiteboard animations