Choosing Your Video Advertising Distribution Options

by russlaw | June 9, 2015 | General

The strategy behind the distribution of your video advertising content is just as important as the creation process itself, so it’s critical to choose wisely when looking at various channels. You have a few alternatives in terms of methodology, but there is a wide range of options within each category as well. Here are the strategies for distribution, along with a few of the biggest names.

In-Stream: These ads appear before, during and after video content that’s downloaded by viewers. They’re similar to TV commercials in that they interrupt the desired content briefly, usually about 30 seconds.

  • Hulu: This platform is one of the web’s largest and most diverse video libraries, reaching millions of users on-demand. Your video ad’s exposure is huge, as Hulu presents hundreds of millions of streams monthly. The entertainment options cross all genres, including TV and film, so you have a wide range of targeting for your audience.
  • VPN (Video Performance Network): Video and affiliate marketing is VPN’s forte, with click through rates higher than banner options. Revenue sharing encourages cooperation among participants, so all reap the video ad rewards.
  • BrightRoll: A team of advertising gurus put together BrightRoll to give agencies an easy way to execute video ad campaigns throughout leading publisher platforms. Many of the top marketing agencies go here to optimize exposure for their premier brands. BrightRoll is all about frequency, scalability and reach.

In-Content: When your target audience is already viewing your video, it makes sense to place ads in the content that has already grabbed their attention. In-content ads are the way to do it.

  • Sharethrough: With customers that include top brands and agencies, Sharethrough is one of the top in-content choices for video ad placement. You can create, sell and manage content across all platforms and the feeds of the top performing websites.
  • VigLink: Link insertion is key for adding links to a page based on relevancy, thereby leading a user to an appropriate page on a merchant’s site. VigLink connects potential consumers to products by hyperlinking particular keywords in a website’s content.

Other Video Ad Distribution: More marketers are recognizing the potential of social and gaming apps as effective platforms for video ad distribution. While the impact is mostly through mobile devices, ads still drive social interaction through brand building – which may or may not be incentivised.

  • Social Media: Facebook is among the top social media platforms that are video ad friendly, especially after introducing the new auto play feature. Users that view and then share video content provide the most potential, so this is where marketers should focus effort. Special settings that allow for selection of specific criteria for distribution offer a way to target your audience.
  • Gaming Applications: Though many consider games as pure entertainment, they offer significant marketing potential for video advertising. Opportunities for before or after game promotion are numerous, but the incentivizing features allow you to reach even more of your target audience based on interest.

Once you know the range of options at your disposal for video advertising distribution, you can make better, more informed choices in terms of the channels you should be using. The specifics of your target audience and industry will help guide you, but it’s also important to keep an eye on your performance analytics to make the best decision.

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