A doodle video is great news for cartoonists and illustrators

In recent years the great news for doodlers and cartoonists has been the increasing ease of producing a simple but effective whiteboard animation with the assistance of computer technology. We have seen how effective this tech has been in the film industry, and the great news is that it is also working for artists everywhere.
Many people still don’t know what a whiteboard animation is though. The term explainer video or video presentation is becoming more common. A doodle animation as they are often called relies on simplicity and usually visual humour to convey the message. People love fast moving graphics presented in a fun style.

So when you see these videos, the key to them is that the simpler the visuals are, the less effort your brain will need to process the image and make sense of it.

explainer video still of how the brain reacts to your life decisions

There are a few other important factors to a doodle video though. Perhaps the most important one is that these videos are not age specific or gender specific. They are perfect for viewers ranging from millennials to silver surfers.
The tech industry loves a doodle video and appreciates their power for just these reasons. They appreciate that their messages or services are often complex and hard to explain. If they can order a low cost but highly effective video that can do the explaining for them then they are quids in.

If we think about it we all learnt the incredible power of the whiteboard technique at school. When the teacher wrote or drew something on a whiteboard we knew we were about to received some useful information.

man and dog in a car cartoon

A doodle animation has proved itself without doubt to be the most versatile of the video presentation techniques. When done right, they will be brimming with entertaining drawings that are not limited by the usual stock image restrictions. The artist can draw anything he wants, and connect it up to all of the other images in the doodle video. Some of the best ones have a small amount of colour that reflects the clients branding.  

Here is a direct link to the type of doodle video we make.