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We all know a picture – especially animated – is worth a thousand words, making it easily remembered. Happily ‘the artist’ is Russ, it has to be good – He’s the Boss !


Our talented scriptwriters have years of experience, creating scripts to suit a wide range of audiences.
Our team works together to understand your goals.


Professional voice overs by the industry leaders, combined with fantastic music licensed music and an extensive library of sound effects.

The power of the Whiteboard animation for visual learning

Using the power of a whiteboard animation to answer the most important questions about your business or service the best way to unlock their real potential : When a visitor successfully navigates through the chaotic sea of information via the world wide web, you have one chance to grab their attention and show them why they should choose your organization above all others. If you can do this with a dash of humour, and a visual flair, then half the battle is already won.

Bespoke whiteboard animations work so well because the largest group of website visitors are visual Learners. They love anything visual, and a memorable animation that will make them laugh is the perfect way to engage them and keep them on your site. They will happily watch your video right through and will remember your message more effectively this way. If the video was any good, then chances are they will share it with others.

The second biggest group of visitors are the auditory learners, and the great news is that a whiteboard explainer video is still effective. With a strong script and a professional voice over the auditory learners will still get the key takeaways you want them to.

The other key ingredient to an explainer video like this is a strong call to action. You need to ensure your viewers know exactly how to proceed once they have watched your video. You may want them to pick up the phone, email you, download a whitepaper or perform a poll, but make sure you tell them clearly what you would like them to do.

Our Services Whiteboard Animation

Obeying these simple rules will make an enormous difference to your marketing strategy.

In 2014 OFCOM chose us to create a whiteboard video that would appeal to audiences of all ages. You can see the finished video here. http://www.consumers.ofcom.org.uk/phone/tackling-nuisance-calls-and-messages/