How the Monkey Mind whiteboard animations came about

Several Months ago we were contacted by Graham McDowell, a Mindfulness coach, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist. He realized the potential of whiteboard animations as the perfect tool to explain his message and bring his Monkey Mind Online Academy and Welleing Systems for Schools to life with bespoke and original looking training videos and resources.

When his work took him into schools. Graham got a shock as he discovered that the levels he found were often lower than those of individuals who came to him for therapy. Graham knew we could do something to improve this situation and he created Monkey mind to provide schools with simple and effective systems to measure mental wellbeing levels and improve them.
His mental wellbeing educational programme helps schools throughout the UK gain insights on how their staff and pupils are thinking and feeling.

Over the next few months we worked closely with Graham to create a series of 8 minute videos introducing the monkey mind. The series introduces the viewer to the concept of the monkey mind, with an overview of how your brain works. It talks about the stresses and strains of the modern world and how the monkey mind deals with them. Later on in the series we are shown how we can calm the monkey mind and experience greater peace, happiness and success in our lives.
The uncomplicated style of the hand drawn videos in black and white with colour spots allowed viewers to understand complex ideas, quickly and with an impressive retention rate. The whiteboard animations are now helping pupils, teachers and parents nationwide to understand and manage their Monkey Minds!

If you would like to find out more about what Graham is up to, then you can see the wellbeing website here

and watch the wellbeing introduction whiteboard animation here