The Exponential Reach that Explainer Videos Can Give You

by russlaw | May 29, 2015 | General, Whiteboard video

While one of the main goals of marketing is to drive sales, there is much more to success than just getting a customer to purchase something from you.

The important thing to remember is that brand awareness and a good strategy for increasing your audience are what really lead to big sales, repeat business and qudos for your company as a true leader in your industry. In order to achieve your goals,it is vital that you connect with your target audience and get them to share, like, re-tweet and comment on what you have to say. Explainer videos are one of the best ways to achieve this, and here is why.

The Exponential Reach that Explainer Videos Can Give You Whiteboard Animation

Explainer videos make Google happy: Your main goal as a marketer is to drive traffic to your website, and that means getting found by your target audience. The higher you rank on the search engine results page, the more likely you are to reach prospects looking for the information your content provides. Websites with video are given preferential treatment by Google as its algorithm likes this type of high-quality content.

Prospects love to share videos: It’s easy to do, and it makes them feel good. Your target audience acts according to the same motivations as other people online in that they want to feel connected to their social network and help out those in need of information. Sharing an explainer video gives them a sense of self-satisfaction and earns them the respect of their peers.

Your email click through rate gets a boost from explainer videos: When you include video as part of an email distribution campaign, your target audience is two to three times more likely to click through to your website or landing page. Even better, when you do so, you increase your chances of converting subscribers to leads by 51%.

Video content analytics are among the easiest to measure: You might find metrics one of the more dreary sides of content marketing, but the good news is that explainer videos are one area where they’re easier to tolerate. Click through and bounce rate are the top measurements of your video performance, and your analysis ends with whether these figures are satisfactory or need work.

Visitors are more likely to become customers: When your target audience sees an explainer video, they’re 64% more likely to buy from the company that publishes it. That takes a viewer from interested tire-kicker to qualified lead, to customer, all within the span of a two or three-minute video.

The Exponential Reach that Explainer Videos Can Give You Whiteboard Animation

Your potential customers actually get what you do: If you can count the times you’ve explained your company’s offerings to someone in less than a couple of minutes, consider yourself lucky. It’s tough using only words to describe what you do, so you’ll probably seek help from a napkin and a pen. When you have an explainer video to do the dirty work, you can communicate a lot more meaning in a lot less time.Reaching your prospects directly should be considered a step on the path to success, but facilitating exponential reach to a wider target audience is where you really start to see your content shine. Explainer videos are some of the best tools in your marketing arsenal, as they’re easy to share and are more effective in getting your point across. You reach your goals faster when you’re speaking to more sets of open ears.

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