PowToon is honored to introduce our Memorial Day campaign, Make A Soldier Smile

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Here are a few Memorial Day messages from our inspired and brilliantly awesome tribe:

1. Roxana

2. Jasmine T. From Livingston High School, Indiana

3. Mrs. Loffredo’s class, Brewster Elementary School, Connecticut

4. Riverside Intermediate Staff

These were just a few of the more than 5,000 video messages you all made for soldiers this Memorial Day with PowToon.

Thank you all SO MUCH for supporting our troops and veterans! We all wanted to help make soldiers and veterans smile, for all that they’ve done for the United States. PowToon and our entire tribe give you a big salute of awesomeness.

We’d love to see what Memorial Day message YOU made. Go ahead and share your awesome creation in the comments below.

Sending a lot of love this Memorial Day weekend.

You’re Awesome!



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