Using whiteboard animation to explain a complex idea

by russlaw | April 2, 2019 | Whiteboard video

As business gets more complex, companies are even more desperate to find new ways of explaining what they do to their customers and staff. Most companies have tried a bunch of ways to entertain and educate their clients, with varying results. Luckily we have been doing exactly that for the last ten years, and are able to explain complex ideas with our whiteboard animation videos.

In 2018 we were asked to create a whiteboard animation that would help business users understand how they could improve their business outcomes with the right mix of intelligent technologies. The new platform called SAP Leonardo will allow users to explore use cases for analytics, machine learning, IoT, blockchain, and specific industries and learn how to use intelligent technologies to become best-run businesses.

Using whiteboard animation to explain a complex idea Whiteboard Animation
Making your business smarter

During the project, we worked closely with the client to create a script that would convey enough technical detail, without overcomplicating the message. We grabbed our sketchbooks and headed over for meetings and brain storming sessions to find the best ways to represent the narrative. Once again, the whiteboard animation style proved perfect for this purpose and we worked out a series of interesting and captivating visuals. We then created a storyboard based on the script, which was made up of our bespoke whiteboard illustrations. With the storyboard all signed it was time to head over to the recording studio and turn the script into an engaging voice over. We now had all of the elements needed to create the perfect videoscribe, and you can see the full B2B whiteboard animation here.