Should you consider video marketing platforms other than youtube

by russlaw | June 2, 2015 | General

Youtube is basically the 2nd best search engine after google. you might not think it, but many users; especially mobile users go straight to youtube to look something up, especially as video is much more entertaining than text. But as a website owner you might not have realized the vast marketing potention beyond youtube. Other options we will look at may well give you a more focused campaign than youtube becuase youtube is so massive and diverse. Lets take a look.

Should you consider video marketing platforms other than youtube Whiteboard Animation

Facebook for video content

With hundres of millions of visitors a month facebook is becoming the new go to play for exciting content. Although video and facebook have come slightly later to the party, it is now proving itself to have a huge marketing potential for video. It is helpful to remember that many older and younger website users feel much safer on facebook due ot the way it works, and that facebook even allows users to upload their own videos directly as well as embed youtube or vimeo content. It’s a win win situation. If your business doesn’t yet have a facebook page then you are seriously missing out.

Vimeo is becoming the number one video publishing website for serious business

With more than 70 million visitors each month, Vimeo has proved that it can stand up with the big boys in the playing field. The site is a huge favourite for the more serious user, like videographers and video producers. Vimeo certainly has a more professional and stylish look to it, compared to the happy go lucky feeling that youtube has. Search engines are taking note, and if you are serious about video, it’s a no brainer to check out Vimeo, create an account and start uploading your video content. Unlike youtube, Vimeo has a professional paid plan that can help to present your business as a cut above the rest.

Daily Motion and user generated video content for promoting your business

Daily motion is another growing video content site that has appeared on the radar. There is nothing to stop you creating and account and uploading video content to daily motion, especially with its growing user base. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking this interesting platform. Putting your content here can serve as another valuable backlink for your business.

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