Whiteboard animations are on the up for medical training institutes around the UK

by russlaw | October 19, 2018 | Whiteboard video

We’ve had a busy summer, and the whiteboard animation business is going really well and we certainly seem to have found our niche. Every week we are approached by large organizations looking for medical, humanitarian and charity awareness and training videos in our whiteboard video style. The medical industry has realized these are the perfect medium for educating and informing their staff, and we have been asked to create several of our bespoke animations for in-house training and to raise awareness ok key issues or strategies in their organizations. We are constantly trying to up our game by learning new animation techniques to keep our videos eye-catching and fresh.

In August I wrote a short post about whiteboard animation as the leaflet for the 21st Century. It all started a couple of years ago we were asked to create a series of videos explaining strokes, other ailments, and procedures. The GPs involved wanted to re-invent the traditional NHS type leaflet in digital format. They could see how fast technology was changing the world and understood that if someone needed useful information about a stroke or another common ailment, it would be easier to watch a short video on their tablets and phones to access the information rather than look for a leaflet at their local Doctors. The days of the paper information leaflet are gone and the ‘explainer video’ is here to stay. The medical industry knows this, and it has to stay ahead of the game if it wants to stay effective and viable.

Whiteboard animations are on the up for medical training institutes around the UK Whiteboard Animation

These first medical animations were very successful and since then there has been a large increase in the use of this medium for medical teaching and to raise awareness. The colleges and hospitals have realised the massive educational potential of this medium. It goes without saying that we are very gratified to be commissioned for these videos, and pleased to boast that we are becoming experts in the field of medical explainer videos. The videos we are commissioned to make take a lot of careful planning to get right. The scripts are initially written by medical professionals to ensure the information is accurate and concise, and then we work on them to ensure they ‘read well’.

The advantages of whiteboard animated videos are that it is a friendly, almost hands-on, way of communicating a message, and the animated images raise awareness of the subject and tend to be more memorable than cold text and diagrams that can be a bit scary. Students certainly remember the images they have seen brought to life by our animation process. The videos were originally planned to provide information to the public and trainee nurses, but now, having proved their worth, we are being increasingly commissioned to create videos that will be used as key parts of doctors’ training or for medical staff.

Whiteboard animations are on the up for medical training institutes around the UK Whiteboard Animation

Apart from the medical profession, many charities, especially those connected with medical conditions have realised that whiteboard explainer videos are the perfect way to raise awareness of their message. Our videos have allowed them to deal with fairly serious topics in an approachable way. Large international corporations have also come on board using videos to promote investment and also to train new staff and update the existing in new strategies and products. This type of animation has been highlighted by big businesses as a cost-effective way with a quick turn around, to create an informative video for their staff and websites.